Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Tuesday, 'tis a crazy world

The so-called "Washington Post" ought to pick a new name, if it intends ta hide its soft touch for Washington's Posts. But even bias hiders can't be hidin' the truth. Or hidin' from the truth. Or truth hidin'. Ye remember this drill I be sure.

Interviewed on the Qatar-based al-Jazeera television network, Sahhaf said that "inspections have finished in Iraq" and that there is no need for the inspectors to return.

At last, a touch of sense! When I board a ship, it'd never cross my mind to go stormin' about lookin' for the lockbox. The captain's sure to know if he's got one - and if so where it be. Next I'd be askin' the lot to prove they really were orphans. This Bushy fellow needs some learnin' of sense and manner.

And if we be intendin' to confirm this man's honesty, we need only to continue on a bit. This man be so honest so as to admit his own falsehoods directly after their utterance.

"The work within the U.N. concerning [prohibited weapons] in Iraq, this work has been achieved. They say that it hasn't been achieved. They claim something remains. This talk can be responded to and disproved," Sahhaf said. "This is a lie."

I added the blackening to the last bit there, but the words be his. Regardless if he meant 'em to be black, tis clear the man right stinks of virtue.