Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Tuesday, Day-Before-Meatloaf-Day

Piracy has been a mite slow of late. Every time I feel up for some portentin' of doom or cursin' of Israel (or hamburgalin'), the damn bombs start going again. Always with the bombs. Hard for an edgewise word with all the ruckus.

But just when my chest looked most empty, I struck this nugget on opinion in Palestine. I'll be comparing this with remarks by pr-opogand-esident Bush. Of course he's speaking on a different subject (who would expect him to stay on topic?), but that's either here or there.

Bush: They don't like the thought of Christian, Jew and Muslim living side by side in peace.

Reality: 51.1 percent said that the aim of the Intifadah is to liberate all Palestinian land (historic Palestine).

If you saw (Mc)Bush's spin alone, you'd be left thinking that a majority - perhaps 100%, 200%, or even 800% - of Palestineans (who he likely isn't even talking about!) don't want to live next to Jews. Now 800% isn't quite 1600% of 51.1%, but who are we to quibble over "isn't quite"'s.

Bush is painting his brush with 1/1600th of the evidence a piratical observor would expect. Arrr! The man's 1600% scurvy dog! Don't let his clever word trickery fool ye.