Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Wednesday, Time for War

Glenn Reynolds has turned tail. Since I declared war on him, he's been all shifty-like. He changed his name from InstaPundit to It's a less catchy name to be sure - but it's no better for hidin' from the truth. Or hidin' the truth. Or hidin' from the truth. Witness the following:

DAVE KOPEL says that the new anti-gun ads featuring John McCain and Joe Lieberman are full of obvious untruths. Hmm. McCain and Lieberman are either too dumb to know this, or don't care. I'm not sure which is worse.

There's half a truth there. But a half-furlong a' truth is shorter than a three-quarter rod of dissent:

DAVE KOPEL says that the new anti-gun (who could support anti-guns? terrorists) ads (Mc)featuring John McCain and Joe (Mc)Lieberman (every industrial nation is a kind of state capitalism) are full of obvious un(grouty)truths. Hmm. (Mc)McCain and Lieberman are either too dumb to know this, or don't care. I'm not sure which is worse. (propaganda has left Glenn no framework in which to make a decision. Pity the man really...)

Notice the mention of anti-guns and nary a word for the invasion of Iraq? Would he approve of Saddam using anti-guns? (I'm loathe to use the word "approve", as the meaning of the word is all but gone - like "socialism" or "global" or "dinkus" - but I'll persist as the common meaning is so apt for my needs).

Perhaps the only real answer is "ourselves".

Tuesday, More Mail

It's pretty obvious that your just some conservative who doesn't understand Chomsky. Will you ever actually post some debate or reasoning or even anything interesting?

What ye mean that my "just some conservative who" doesn't understand Chomsky? Surely the "just some conservative who" types will never grasp the business of piracy - but that's none of my doin'.

As to yer second part, I promise I will never stoop to actual posting of debate or reasonin'. It better suits me to have my debates with strawman caricatures of US leadership. That's the new chomskypirate pledge - "No real debate". And if I break that pledge, I swear on me ship to erase mention of it from this entry.