Friday, May 10, 2002

Friday, time for the ChomskyPirate mailbag!

The first question comes from Anne in Port du Lac du Nous Sommes Saskatchewan.

I know America is the birthplace of evil. What can they do to straighten up and fly right?

Arr. Us lovers-of-knowledge have been debating that pecul'r hypothetical since sunup. Like that other one "If a tree falls far out at sea, does anybody hear?", it depends on if anybody's around. Will there be anyone around when America is flying true? Another trick question! You gotta follow that trail of facts.

How do you decide if yer ship is pointing the right direction? You could look at the stars, but they're mighty far away - specially if you've got but one eye. Best instead to look at which way that scum-ship America is pointing and set sail in the opposite direction. For we all know America's a'headed to ruin.

So what would happen if America turned around? Well, ruin would turn right around with it!

So if yer keen on staying true if America turns sail, make sure as to keep an eye on the ever changing compass of correctness: opposition to America.